WK15-Classmate Conversation- No One :(


This is me and my friend Micheal. I met him because he is friends with my brother. Micheal is a pretty cool guy. He does not go to Long Beach state but he does go to Dominguez Hills. I couldn’t attend class this week due to unexpected duties that I can’t really speak about. I would’ve talked to someone if i could’ve. But one thing i realized is that I haven’t really become friends with the people i’ve done classmate conversations with. I was hoping that we would. Maybe only one of the conversations had potential for a real friendship. But the rest didn’t seem like they’d go anywhere. I really enjoyed this idea though. I like that Glenn makes an effort to try and create friendships. Also, I am glad i had these conversations because i got to know people, even if only the surface. Still, I think the problem is that we’re too shy to try and actually be friends with another student we know nothing about.


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