Wk15-Art Experience-Designing My Life.

The first picture shows what I want my life to look like. I want to make movies, directing or producing. I would graduate in with my Bachelor’s in film, I’m not sure if I’d go back for my masters. But then I would make movies that people will love and see the genius of. Then I’d have some kids with my lovely wife. This is the dream of reality.

The second picture, if film didn’t exist, is my life in music. I would probably be going to college for a safe choice in the economy, but I would enjoy making music with my beat machine. I would be making hits, and some groovy tunes that would make everyone tap their foot. Then I will make number 1 records. Then I’d die in an overdose because I would feel like a rock star. No kids, my property would belong to my pet. Just life of passion for music.

My third drawing is my life if i was financially secure. I would do a lot. I would buy my mom a house, I would do that in all my lives though. I wouldn’t rip my diploma, it’s figurative. I wouldn’t need it cause I’d be filthy rich is what i was trying to say. I would still want to make music and movies, but i would also want to play baseball, cause that’s the sport i love. Then i’d have some offspring and die. Sounds good, don’t it?


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