Wk12-Artist Conversation-Jacob Hogan

The name of Jacob Hogan’s exhibit is “Esoteric Murmurs.” In his exhibit he works a lot with metals and woods, 3D material. He is going to get his BFA and graduate, then apply to graduate school.

Jacob tried to base art towards product style, which is smart, that way he can make money from what he loves. Most of the pieces he makes are not in his home, but in the homes of others.

These are my favorite settings from the exhibit.

He is inspired by his family because he realizes that what he creates comes from his past. Most of his family was knowledgeable in architecture, grandpas owned body shops. His father went to Harvard for architecture, his great grandpa was a rail road builder.

Yo Hogan is his nickname, as well as the name of his business. 

I think what Jacob does is amazing. It’s pretty cool to make things in an articstic way and sell them to people. I would make stuff more my own home to make it look the way I wanted to. Overall, great showing.


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