Wk12-art experience-Ethnography

Sorry for the bad quality, i had forgotten to take the picture during the daytime. This is my backyard. I did not like this experience one bit. I didn’t commit to it fully. I laid off most of the technology, no music, TV, lighting. I actually used candles, but it was hard since many people live with me, lights are on all the time. I did not stay in my backyard for an entire week. I stayed there for about 5 hours at most. I was gonna sleep outside with a sleeping bag, but I decided that it wasn’t worth it. I missed my phone, and my bed, and my Internet.

Without today’s  technology I don’t think I’d have fun trying to be one with nature. Our new technology has sort of become a second nature so it’s also hard to let that go. I would camp out if I had a real tent and more candles and lanterns. It was kinda fun though, made me feel like my backyard was a sort of wilderness.


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