Wk10-Artist Conversation-Brittany Waters

This is one of the best exhibits I have been to. It is titled #MoreThanASandbox, by Brittany Waters. It features lifelike baby turtles and sand and even a beach chair that wasn’t that comfty if I may add. The experience was great though. 118 turtles were involved, each one taking 2-3 hours. I was fooled into thinking that the turtles were real at one point during the exhibit. I’m sure many others did also. I really like her idea behind this. She is inspired by nature and sea life and she sees that sea turtles are slowly dying out, so she wants to represent them in a way that shows how beautiful they are, conveying how we should care more about the beach and its ocean life. That is where her title comes from. She is going to get her bachelors in ceramics, she is a senior and will be graduation after this semester. She really enjoys clay because she feels it is the best way to create something directly, since you use your bare hands. She loves the CSULB art program because it has many facilities to help artists like her. She plans to do more exhibits involving sea life, especially in deep waters. I think she is a great artist. Her art sends a message that we all need to receive, and it is still so stunning.


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