Wk8-Art Experience-Fingerpainting 

One picture was taken with flash. One was taken without it. I like the way the one with flash looks. The colors pop out more. Anyway, this week I fingerpainted. It was pretty awesome. I didn’t know how to start, so I just swiped a line of red in the middle. Then I rubbed some yellow, and a streak of green. I still didn’t know where it was going. Until I created enough streaks to create a kind of face. I think it looks like a monster, but an emotionally hurt monster, that was once colorful, but now bitter and dark. This is was pretty easy, for this project we simply had to swipe and move our fingers as we pleased. That’s what I did until I saw that I felt it was done. That’s what’s also cool. To know when your art work is done to you. I didn’t say it is beautiful, I said it is done. (Had a good time doing this) Peace out!


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