Wk7-Artist Conversation-Elena Roznovan

Artist: Elena Roznovan Exhibition: Stop and Stare Media: Installation (video) Gallery: Max L Gatov Gallery East Instagram: @eroznovan

To begin, Elena is a graduate student who is now attending Long Beach State for her second year. She will get her Master’s in Fine Arts, focusing on sculpture. She was an Undergrad in an art school in Maryland. She is originally from Moldova, but she moved to California and began creating art. She is inspired by environmental phenomena and nature in general, but she says that she doesn’t get to experience it very often.

What is her art? Her art, I would say, is work that can create different perceptions in people regarding different environments. For example, in her exhibition, she used a video installation of a desert. There was a bright object in the middle, and the clouds were moving, and so was time. The sun was setting and also rising. There were also windows, or screens, that were scattered and revealed different perspectives of the desert, as if you were looking through a doorway into another world. The bright object in the middle made the video image seem really there. This is a piece that stands out, while also fitting in with its surroundings.

What is her art about? Her art is about changing the perceptions we have when viewing natural phenomena. The light changing, the clouds moving, how does that make us feel, and why is it any different from where we are now and the sunsets we see in the city. What can we expect when we go into a desert. Will we see something like Elena’s installation or something completely different? If we challenge ourselves by seeing different perspectives of the world, then maybe we will perceive something as much more beautiful than when it was first looked at.

What it means to me? It means that i could visit different places without going to those places. When i was in her installation, i felt paused. I felt calm and peaceful. I was almost in a trance. It was strange. I could’ve stayed in there the whole day. There was one instance in which the room was feeling a little chilly. Then in the same moment i thought that i may very well be in a desert during a sunset. It was spectacular


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