Wk6-Artist Conversation-Short Fiction


This piece is a part of an exhibition named “Dank Memes.”  It is a group show curated by Carmina Correa. I do not know who the actual artist is, nor do I know the title, I’ll guess it is called “Must Destroy, Wow”. It is a painting on a 30×22 poster (estimate). The exhibition is located in the Werby Gallery, CSULB. My fiction is named, “Doggo’s Destruction.”

*EXPLOSION* *DESTRUCTION* *MAYHEM*. Doggo was a peaceful pet. He lived his life in the sunny side of California, only shaded when it was hot out. His owners, genetic coding scientists, Tommy and Tania loved him. Everyday they’d feed Doggo 3 gourmet meals, they’d comb his fur, and they’d rub his belly. Doggo loved his life, and his owners.

One day, some bad people wanted to steal the research of Tommy and Tania. They crept into the house late at night, went into their basement, and found what they were looking for. Doggo was in a deep sleep in his room, he did not know what was happening. The thieves were caught in the act. Tania hid behind Tommy as he pulled out his gun. Eleven gunshots went off. Doggo awoke, ran through his doggy door, and saw his owners on the floor in a pool of blood. He also came across the thieves. Another gunshot hit Doggo left of his stomach. The thieves ran, and Doggo crawled to his owners. Tommy was still alive , and Tania lay still. Tommy pointed at a mysterious cabinet that was untouched. He knew his time was over, but he wanted Doggo to stay alive. He commanded Doggo to open the cabinet and bring him a purple bag. Doggo brought the bag to a dying Tommy. Tommy slowly revealed a syringe with markings “P-Type 32.” He told Doggo that he would be fine. The liquid inside was a prototype for advanced cellular reinforcement, used to heal people in an instant. It was never used before.

Tommy inserted the fluid into Doggo’s bloodstream. Tommy kissed Doggo on the head, and tears were shared by both as Tommy died with eight bullet holes in his body. Doggo’s gunshot wound was healing. But that wasn’t the only thing. Doggo began to feel an immense power, and suddenly, he started growing. Doggo burst through what once was his house. He continued to grow in size and in anger. He needed to find the people who murdered his owners. He grew higher than the tallest skyscraper in Los Angeles, putting everything else in his shadow. He sniffed out the murderers, and anger filled him. His eyes felt extremely hot, and suddenly, a glowing beam came out. He disentegrated the criminals instantaneously.

Doggo could not stop his rampage. He would never get his Tommy and Tania back. He continued on his wrath for several weeks. He killed Godzilla, King Kong, and many other people on his way to peace. He finally stopped after he met people resembling Tommy and Tanya. He still murdered them; he thought they were mocking his sadness. Doggo did not know peace anymore, he was shadowed by destruction now. *MUST* *DESTROY* *WOW*.


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