Wk5-Art Activity-Automatic Drawing

This activity was interesting. I don’t know if it got us any closer or made me annoyed in a way haha. I did this activity with my girlfriend. I tried to explain it to her on how it should be done. I wanted to have both of us control the drawing utensil with all of our hands, this would create a sort of “conflict” in the drawing, but we would be doing it together nonetheless. Instead we both held the utensil, but we took turns drawing automatically. It turned out okay though.

At first she tried to draw a flower with her eyes closed. I told her again that we were supposed to be free in the drawing. So we continued to do that. I was just annoyed because it was basically as if we did the assignment separately. But I got over it. We went all out on the colors, and we liked the outcome of all the curving lines intersecting. Something about it is beautiful to me, maybe because it was done by the both of us.


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