Wk4-Art Experience- Art Care Package

I sent this care package to my girlfriend Vanessa, who lives in North Hollywood, and is very beautiful. The sketch on the index card, came from boredom, and the comic patch is also a part of me because I like comics. The rose I drew with pastels, because my girlfriend made me feel that way, and she is the rose. The receipt is a McDonald’s receipt, just to show the price of a Big Mac combo because my girlfriend recently converted into Vegetarianism.

  1. Sending an ACP is similar to sending a snapchat because you are sending works of art, and it shows the person that you were thinking about them.
  2. Sending an ACP is different because it takes a lot longer in the process, and I think it means more, since there was more thought and trouble involved.
  3. Ephemera is cool. It can gain sentimental value and maybe even turn into an artifact in a pop cultural sense. Different people will appreciate ephemera differently (from your own child to a random person on the street).
  4. Yes there is a difference between art that is seen by many and art that is seen by few. If few people see it, the art becomes special in a way. Almost how things can be seen as “limited edition” or a “collector’s item.”
  5. Time and effort does make the ACP better than a snapchat. A snapchat I can send to anyone whenever I want, an ACP, I have to put thought and actually mail it. Faster might be better because you get a reply, but it’s not as meaningful.
  6. Yes, the ACP is prepared with love. In order to send one, you have to think about the person you are sending it to. You can’t just throw random objects and send it to someone you care about. You have to put in thought and emotion.



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