Wk3-Classmate Conversation-Miriam Nyback


Look how cool we are in this super cool pic. That is Miriam Nyback in the left of the photo. She is a freshman, like me, and she is majoring in film, also like me. She is originally from Norway, which is already more interesting than where I’m from, I think. She came to the area because of the climate and the entertainment industry. And she says she really likes it here. She dorms at Cal State Long Beach. She told me she used to use the train system in Norway all the time, I think that’s cool because I use it here a lot. She plays soccer, and she says she’s good, and I believe her. She played in Norway, and her dad was a soccer coach. She enjoys eating Chinese food, potatoes, and bacon. Her hair used to be silver, but now its blondish, like mine. She likes mainstream TV, like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc. Her favorite movie is Memento, and her favorite directer is Christopher Nolan. For last week’s art activity, she died in a car accident, sadly. Well yeah, this is Miriam, a cool human being.


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