Wk3-Artist Conversation-Megan Macuen

Artist: Megan Macuen    Exhibition: (No Name)    Media: Fibers, Structure, Weaving. Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L Gatov Gallery East     Website: (No Website)                     Instagram: @mmacuen (“mostly corvettes”)

To begin, I will say that Megan is a very interesting character. Her passion for art began about ten years ago. She began with fashion and then she learned how to weave. She is part of the MFA Fibers program and she is in her second semester of it. Her work, the way I understood it, resembles a natural art creation. What I mean is that there is no idea to it, she explores free creativity, starting a work of art with no planning, just letting it go where it takes her. This was her first exhibition in Long Beach State


What is her art? It is not typical to say the least. She works with mostly wood, yarn or rope, and other miscellaneous materials. There is no certain idea to her pieces. Each one tells it’s own tale. Other than the materials used, all her pieces are very different. In the photos, you can see that one involves a table and two other main pieces, while the other is just a mesh of different objects. The former looks sleeker, and the latter can be seen as “messy.” I’d classify her art as abstract, but in a peaceful way (if that makes sense).

What is her art about? I do not know how to answer that question with confidence. I think it is about the natural process, or adventure in creating. In our conversation, we talked about how she does not title her pieces. When talking about them, she refers to them as real world objects. For example, she referred to one of her pieces as a satellite. She says nothing is on her mind when she creates. She rejects any idea she has and lets formation take place on top of another, and the process continues until she feels it is done. She feels if she names a piece, that she might want to change it later, so she does not name them at all. With the process being unpredictable, I would assume that she appreciates when people make their own ideas as to what her art is about. I think it is about freedom.

What it means to me? I think this means I could be an artist. I am always worried about what to draw, that I end up creating nothing. But if I create one piece, I could add another to it, and another, not knowing where it will take me, but still creating to my amusement and structure. Her art makes me feel like I should not be afraid of what can happen in life, because it is all a process, and sometimes it is an unexpected one.


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