Wk2- Classmate Conversation- Megan


First of all, this photo and its filter does not complement me at all. With that said, this is Megan. She is majoring in Japanese, but she plans to change her major to Asian Studies. It is her first year, it is also my first year. She dorms in Hillside but she lives in Corona. Her sister also came to Long Beach State. She plays soccer but she tore her ACL :(. She like grilled cheese sandwiches. Her hair has always been dyed since she was smaller, different colors, right now it is purple and blue from the ends. We both have dyed hair, although I am an amateur, she was giving me tips on how to dye my hair to the color i want it. We both like fashion; we like having clean fits, and she complemented my jeans which was flattering. She works in an engineering field, doing receipts for something, but it might be too complicated for a simple being like me to understand. She is going to die overdosing with coffee in a cubicle, for her art experience week 2 assignment, it should be good. So yeah, she’s cool. We’re cool. This her blog (Megan’s Blog), check it out, cause you know. why not?


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