Wk1-Classmate Conversation- Garrett Ramirez

It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon. The time was 2:15. It was time to go to class. Find a seat. Nice, one with no students sitting on either side. I don’t know why I think this. It feels like a lot of pressure, but it’s really nothing to introduce yourself to someone. The worst that can happen is… I would not even know. Anyways, I met a classmate named Garrett the first day of class. He’s a real cool dude. To start off, we are both blondes. He is 23 years old and majoring in Communications, which I think is great, because comm is something I would like to minor in. He used to skate, which is great too, because I used to skate. One difference was that he was actually good, while I sucked and only knew one trick. He told me he was good at art and he liked it a lot, I like art a lot too, but I am probably not as good. Well, I’m glad that we have classmate conversations because I would still probably be a loner in the class. Here’s a cool selfie of us.img_2852


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